Elemental Activewear Active+ Classic II Leggings

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Elemental Activewear Active+ Classic II Leggings

Classic II Leggings

Made in Australia by the exceptional REEDLE dancewear - activewear design team. We manufacture and design competition garments for many prestigious Dance and Athletic Performers and Schools across Australia. We now offer our unique, elite levels of athletic DESIGN to you! Try them, you will never go back to 'off the rack' athletic wear.

Classic, Support-Contoured leggings - manufactured with the same heavy-duty 280gms Supplex Lycra utilised in all our competition and performance garments. These are your 'go-to' for comfort and every day athletic support. Brilliant for hitting the road for a run, stretching out, or just looking great!

- Heavy-weight (warm!) 280gms Supplex Lycra 

- Hidden waiste-band Phone pocket: all the utility of a secure pocket without the bulk.

- Mid/High elasticised waist band (never fall down)

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important that you are confident in your sizing. Please view the How To Size video (tab above this description) and select your size from the 'View Size Chart' button (just below the 'Add to Cart' button).

If you are uncertain about sizing, simply call us and we'll talk you through it - EASY!

Pear Shaped Body (Lower body is wider than your shoulders)

Pear shaped body

- Best leotard is a strappy or low-back leotard.
- A long seam on the leotard will also help to elongate your torso.


Inverted Triangle Body (Broad Shoulders, Narrow Waist & Hips)

Inverted triangle shaped body

- Better to choose a leotard with a wider strap, cap sleeve or a full sleeve.
- Soft colours help soften your broad shoulders and your best asset are your legs.


Rectangle Body (Your shoulders, waist and hips are the same size)

Rectangle shaped body

- Best assets to show off are your arms and legs.
- Need Curves on your leotards to show lines and high cut legs help (lucky all leotards have a beautiful leg-line) ☺
- High neck leotards are flattering to this figure.
- Something with a V shape in a two tone colour or curves in a two tone colour to give an illusion of a smaller waist line.


Apple Shape (Apple Shape bottom)

Apple shaped body

- Ladies will want to elongate your mid section.
- The High cut leg helps to do this and will give a perfect leg line and help create a smaller waist.
- Seams just above the waist or below the bust are good and curvy lines on the leotard will also help create a waist line.
- Low Neck lines are a must with the Apple Shape figure.
- Low Back helps give the illusion of a long torso or a see through back mesh leotard will help as well.
- A must is a good uplift bra to make your waist look smaller.


Hour Glass Figure (Proportionately curvy body)

Hour glass shaped body

- Time to show off your curves ☺
- Use a good uplift Bra.
- Curvy seams on the leotard or a princess line front and back.
- Thin to medium straps.


How to measure

1. Bust: Measure at your fullest part in front along your bust line (with bra on if needed)

2. Waist: Measure at crease when bending (around your belly button). Tape measure is to be firm but not tight.

3. Hips: Tape Measure should be firm but do not pull tight. Measure around the biggest part of you bottom - this is the hip measurement needed. Normally between 6 to 8 inches lower than your waist depending on your age.

4. Girth: Run a tape measure full circle from your shoulder at the neck over the fullest part of your bust down through the centre of your crotch and back up to the starting point must be firm.
NOTE: REEDLE garments have considerable stretch and flexibility. Measurements are a rough guide so you don't need to worry if they don't exactly match your physique.

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