Reedle Dance Tip

Competition Dance is a little like the dreaded school assignment and its scoring is generally broken into separate categories such as technique, engagement and deportment.

Your costume shapes your appearance and is expected to enhance the style and storyline of the dance.

So how do you buy a pre-made costume for a very specific dance? Not so easy…

Unless you’re extremely lucky, you’ll end up having to choose something that ‘kind of’ has the right cut, colouring and effect to match the theme and choreography of your routine. ‘Kind of’ is never ideal…

A regular dancewear designer will generally measure you up with a tape measure, ask about colour and stick you with pins!

A GREAT dancewear designer will ask you about the style of dance, storyline or character, type and tempo of music (always have this handy), presence of stage props, lighting and most importantly the choreography. This skilled dancewear designer will make sure your costume stays in place and enhances your ‘dancer’s form’ throughout the routine while giving you freedom of movement. She will probably still stick you with pins though…

To pick up those extra winning points, the end result should be a costume that is unique to both the dancer and the routine, while adding to the storyline of the performance. And it must be BEAUTIFUL!

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If you need advice on your next performance costume, get in touch with us at REEDLE. We are contemporary in our design ideas and have created many winning performance costumes with our high quality materials and expert seamstress experience.